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Benincasa began as an idea of Deacon Gary Clark and his wife, Beverly, in the late 1980’s. As they researched the concept of a “home for the dying” they discovered there was nothing of its kind available in the suburban Rochester area, especially on the eastern side of Rochester.

With the support of the Mendon church communities, a standing room only town hall meeting was held in 1991 at St. Catherine of Siena Church, with an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. At that point, a board of directors was developed along with several volunteer committees who began the task of fundraising and site location for this endeavor.

Five years later after bake sales, raffles, and memorial donations due to the untimely death of Gary Clark, along with the willingness of volunteers who offered their time and expertise, a home in the hamlet of Mendon was purchased and renovated. Its name (Benincasa) is the family name of St. Catherine of Siena, who was a hospice worker in the 1300’s. The first Resident was welcomed to Benincasa in October, 1996.

Since that time, and with gratitude, compassion and an unwavering spirit, the staff and volunteers of Benincasa have felt privileged to care for hundreds of residents during their final days.